Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall in pinterest land

It finally feels like Fall and I am loving the weather here in North Carolina this weekend!  I love love and truly love summer and it's very hard to let go of it.  But with the cooler temperatures I am finally feeling it!  So, I want to share some things I found on pinterest to help you all get in the Autumn mode.  Hope you enjoy!
Love these pumpkin lights on a misty night
babble  I love this diorama!

 (by Evelyn Arthur Richman)
Whimsical Raindrop Cottage  What a beautiful staircase - and what a great workout!
wicked pillow
Uh - yummm here.  Made with 2 bundt cakes
love the witch in a chimney

But really - all I need is some chocolate candy corn Autumn mix to make me happy!  Oh how I wish I didn't love this stuff but I do  It's my weakness along with Easter Robin Eggs  :) 
Here's hoping for a great week for all my favorite people !!!!!

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