Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Glitter Blast!!!

I am loving Gold right now - especially with some glitter.   I am talking some serious Glitter love And, there is nothing more fun than some Krylon Gold Blast Glitter.  Because it does BLAST - my backyard is proof of that.  But, as I will share soon, it can lightly add glitter to any painted piece
First up is my newest sign - Navy with Glitter!  And  YES!  Always know you are  a Big Deal !!!
I created this sign by making a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo.   

But, no worries if you don't have a Cameo. You can print this on Freezer paper (be sure to use Mirror Image) and cut it out yourself.  I have to note here that I did it by myself for a long time because there were too many things my kids needed   Once I was finally in a position to buy one of these amazing creatures it paid for itself in less than 5 month with Etsy sales.   So, just saying, if you are hesitant to get one trust me.  Go for it!   If nothing else, the drawing and design program is so easy to understand and work with.  It has been a life changer for me :)   And, I am just offering my own opinion - I am not affiliated with Silhouette America in any way.  But, I love this machine !!!!!

And, my favorite Elephant, painted with Krylon Dual Gold then sprayed with some Gold Blast!!!  He is my favorite photo prop right now.  He's looking good with my Golden Wake Up and Be Awesome signs :)

So, this is how it happened.  Bought the plastic Elephant at Target for $3.00.  Painted him gold with Krylon Dual.   (You could use any good Gold or other metal color - there are so many good ones out there)   Then, added some Krylon Gold Blast.  And, BLAST it does,   There is glitter all over my back yard (And that's not a bad thing - its a fun thing!)   As for the Elephant,   I have to say I love this guy :)   He is my favorite prop for my golden Wake Up and Be Awesome signs.

More Gold projects in the works   Gold Foil and Gold Heat Transfer  soon

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Dollar Tree Merry & Bright Christmas Candle

Last year (2012) Holiday Season I spied some glass decorative candle glass holders in a local shop. Beautiful mirror and glass that I couldn't stop thinking about   So..... I created my version and here it is!

For this project you need:

Krylon Looking Glass Spray  (Usually in the floral section of craft stores)
Rustoleum Frosted Glass Spray
Dollar Tree  7" tall Vase or any glass vase, wine glass, etc you want to use.  
Stencil - I created mine with my Cameo but there are many ways to create designs.  wrap tape, rubber bands, etc  There are also some great adhesive stencils at your local craft store.

This is what I did

Cleaned the glass vase.  Then,  I used a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to get rid of any residue.
Created my "merry & bright" stencil with the Cameo.  If you don't have a Cameo or vinyl cutter no worries!!!  There are many adhesive stencils out there - Martha Stewart has several that work very well.  Or, as I said earlier, create abstract designs with tape, wrapped rubber bands, and anything that can be used as a stencil.
So, on to what I did:
I placed the stencil on my vase and used some painter's tape and Glad Press and Seal to keep the Looking Glass spray from "wandering"  

QUICK NOTE HERE - the Glad Press and Seal is one amazing tool you need in your DIY Arsenal!  I will let you know why (if you don't already know)  in a future post.

When you spray the Looking Glass spray, be sure to lightly spray each coat.  I think I actually sprayed 6 coats.  This stuff can really drip if used too heavily.   As you know, I am NOT a patient person.  But, I have learned the hard way that this amazing paint can't be rushed.  Trust me on this.  Also, do not touch the letters once they are finished and before the Frost Spray.  (I know this because I messed some letters up - I am messy and that's all I can say.)   But, this was an experiment so I charged on...
I let the Looking Glass spray dry well.  Then, I turned the vase up side down to be sure the Frost spray only covered the outside of the vase/candle holder.  

I have to say I am very pleased with the results!  For once, my little project has turned out the way I imagined :)  

I really love how this turned out!  I do want to try this again with a little smaller font.
As always, thank you for stopping by!

                 And, don't forget to SHINE ON!!!!

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Thursday favorite things

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Tennis Racquet Makeover - Jewelry Organizer!

This is a great project for all you tennis lovers out there.  Especially, the younger players that never had to swing the old wooden ones!!!
I have been finding and buying old wooden rackets (racquets?) the past year.  I love old vintage sports equipment like these rackets, as well as, the old wooden persimmon golf clubs from my great grandfather.  Most of them are beautiful and I wouldn't want to change a thing about them!  But, some are just right for transformation!
First, I make sure the racket isn't too warped (it's okay if it is just slightly warped)  
Clean it up as well as you can - it might need some light sanding for those areas that might have taken a little frustrated abuse (say, hit the net a few times or, like my husband did, toss it into some trees)
Prime it.  Just because it has been held and tossed a bunch.  Keep in mind this sweet racket could have lots of sweat and tears that you don't want showing up later.  I primed this racket in our old company painting room.   It looks yucky but there is a huge ventilation draw and I can paint no matter the weather!
I like to add large cup hooks to the handle for necklace/bracelet storage.  Most rackets hold 5 easily but, you could add more or less.  I think 5 is a good number - it's not too crowded and not too sparse.
Then, I spray paint the racket with 2 coats of whatever color I want.  Follow that up with a few coats of poly sealer for a long life.   (Note: spray is best for this project)
And now you have a unique one of a kind piece for that tennis star in your life! Or, maybe keep it for yourself?

Thank you for being here!  



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