Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do I need this?

Okay - just spotted this for free on my local craigslist.  I don't know why but I'm intrigued.......The ad says:
Just the inner and outer door shell, no interior pieces or wiring or glass.
image 0
Thinking way outside my box that there are some possibilities here.  It might look good on a wall?   With some of my favorite plants?  Or with some awesome quote?  With knobs or some car thingys to hang stuff?  
Well...I just hope it's not a scam   E-maiing now and will keep you posted


  1. Well, if you've got the wall space it might just be a tremendous conversation piece...especially after your creative touch. Keep us posted!

  2. @Jill @ Junky Vagabond
    Conversation piece for sure! Thanks Jill! Just heard it is still available.

  3. I like the quote idea!


  4. Hmmm... do update..eager to know what you will come up with!


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