Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leftover Chalkboard Paint - what to do?


I still have some of the Turquoise chalkboard paint and have two more posts!  {Are you tired of me yet?}  That one cup of chalkboard paint is really making the rounds.  I love the color - it reminds me of spring, summer, and the beach!  Oh soooo ready here!

Okay - back to business. In this project I used one of the wooden plaques I found on sale at Hobby Lobby for 69 cents each.  Didn't know what I would do with them but  I  had $3   knew they deserved a better life than being buried in the bargain bin!  

As usual,  I work in the moment.  That's what I love about creating - the process!  So, as I get caught up in the process sometimes I forget to take pictures and sometimes I remember.  I challenged myself in my next post to be totally uncontrollably and laboriously taking photos of every step!  Talk about that later but warning!  It could will most likely be painful........

As you remember this is what I started with for the paint for my many projects.  I used the formula  from Martha Stewart

Used one cup acrylic paint {the 8 oz botttle} with 2 Tablespoons of the non sanded grout   I painted 3 coats {sanding with fine paper after each coat  Yea - supposed to do that but I love shortcuts and didn't find the need to sand after each coat.  Once is just fine!  

Here is a real blurry pic of how to rub the side of chalk all over the painted board - to "cure" it.  Like you needed me to show you how!  But just in case - after you rub the chalk all over your new chalkboard you can use a damp cloth, clean it off and you are ready to go!  I like to do this at least 2 times.  

I chalked this board {with my Grandmother's name} and used some of the stash of sisal rope I bought for the last project.  Put it beside the wooden angel that looks like my sweet 92 year old Mom.  {My kids call her Moop}  My oldest son loved it so much  {cause he loves her so much!} so she gave it to him.  I am extremely thankful I took the picture with the doll because............ somehow it fell on the floor and my precious sweet but  Oh Yea WHAT A MONSTER puppy with JAWS snagged it.  

Lots of tears that night - but one thing this dog that somehow - tell me WHY - I still love? - has taught me:

Life is fleeting - you could lose anything anywhere in the blink of an eye {like my wooden angel} 

So enjoy!  Enjoy anything and everything you can.   Until next post........

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  1. Adorable! My mom's name was Grace, my gdau's middle name, and Kathleen is your dd's name? I see a pattern here...:)

  2. I think you are so right! They are two of my favorite names. Timeless!

  3. I fell to pieces when I saw that shattered angel... you will get a better one hopefully - a real angel :)


  4. It seems I am the first person to pin something from your blog - here -
    AND I am honored!


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