Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clear Chalkboard Paint

It's no secret that I LOVE using chalkboard paint whenever I can.  So, a few months ago I wondered if you could add calcium or un-sanded grout to something like clear polyacrylic sealer and use it over regular paint to create a chalkboard.  Well, it only took me several months to get back to that idea. 

 I started with what I already had - some Polycrylic and powdered calcium 
 The "guinea pig" for this project was a tray I bought at Goodwill and sprayed with some leftover Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.  Still playing around with the ratios - I started with the same ratio as if I were using regular paint but it was way too thin.  I kept adding calcium powder to thicken it up.  So far, I'm pleased with the project.  I'll share the final ratio soon - It's looking like 1 part calcium powder to 3 parts poly is best.   
(And LOL - I don't mean to try to get all scientific here)  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project fail - But I Learned Something New!

The other week, I got a crazy random idea.  It all started when I saw this little can of Copper Metallic spray paint. 
 I have been loving the mercury glass projects I keep seeing everywhere and random side kicked in and I wondered if I could create the same finish with copper?
Well.....yes and no.  I sprayed the copper metallic paint inside my glass vessel.  Then sprayed the white vinegar/water solution (1:1) on the paint.   My first try you see on the left.   Didn't work so well for me.  For my second try I sprayed the vinegar solution first then used the copper metallic spray over that.  Let it dry a bit and used a cloth to gently remove spots to try to create the same mercury glass look with the copper  I wasn't really happy with either result so I gave up and moved on to other projects.  
I was hoping to make an awesome candle votive and maybe I will at some point  But, as I said, it didn't turn out the way I planned it in my head.  And that's okay.

But, in the meantime, I left the paper towel with the vinegar solution in the bottom of the first glass.  For about a week.   What a pleasant surprise to see the copper patina at the base of the first glass!  Simply because I forgot to toss out the vinegar paper towel!   So, I learned something and maybe, just maybe, it will lead to some new interesting creations.  Maybe.  And just maybe it will inspire some of you!


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