Monday, September 21, 2015

My Favorite Candle

My Favorite candle - for over a year now and I swear I think they have butter in it :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Its that time of the year..Fall!!!

Fall is just around the corner   And my favorite candy too!!!   What's your favorite ?  Chocolate Indian Corn is my all time favorite.    

Brach's Indian Corn Halloween Candy: 22-Ounce Bag

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Paint color Monday SW Watery

I love color and I love paint. There are way too many beautiful colors out there so....I plan to introduce the most sought after paint colors every Monday.   
 Cottage Instincts

This gorgeous piece by Cottage Instincts in Sherwin Williams  Watery   I love this piece and adore the color !   What a wonderful creation she has made :)

See That pantry door from Willow Hill Farm Girl:)   It's Watery too!  Talking about making a statement here!!!

Just such a pretty color   :)  From the painted parsonage
another beautiful creation with this color!

I love this color and am so inspired that I bought a sample pint today :)   I will share my creations with you soon!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Glitter Blast!!!

I am loving Gold right now - especially with some glitter.   I am talking some serious Glitter love And, there is nothing more fun than some Krylon Gold Blast Glitter.  Because it does BLAST - my backyard is proof of that.  But, as I will share soon, it can lightly add glitter to any painted piece
First up is my newest sign - Navy with Glitter!  And  YES!  Always know you are  a Big Deal !!!
I created this sign by making a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo.   

But, no worries if you don't have a Cameo. You can print this on Freezer paper (be sure to use Mirror Image) and cut it out yourself.  I have to note here that I did it by myself for a long time because there were too many things my kids needed   Once I was finally in a position to buy one of these amazing creatures it paid for itself in less than 5 month with Etsy sales.   So, just saying, if you are hesitant to get one trust me.  Go for it!   If nothing else, the drawing and design program is so easy to understand and work with.  It has been a life changer for me :)   And, I am just offering my own opinion - I am not affiliated with Silhouette America in any way.  But, I love this machine !!!!!

And, my favorite Elephant, painted with Krylon Dual Gold then sprayed with some Gold Blast!!!  He is my favorite photo prop right now.  He's looking good with my Golden Wake Up and Be Awesome signs :)

So, this is how it happened.  Bought the plastic Elephant at Target for $3.00.  Painted him gold with Krylon Dual.   (You could use any good Gold or other metal color - there are so many good ones out there)   Then, added some Krylon Gold Blast.  And, BLAST it does,   There is glitter all over my back yard (And that's not a bad thing - its a fun thing!)   As for the Elephant,   I have to say I love this guy :)   He is my favorite prop for my golden Wake Up and Be Awesome signs.

More Gold projects in the works   Gold Foil and Gold Heat Transfer  soon


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