Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Tennis Racquet Makeover - Jewelry Organizer!

This is a great project for all you tennis lovers out there.  Especially, the younger players that never had to swing the old wooden ones!!!
I have been finding and buying old wooden rackets (racquets?) the past year.  I love old vintage sports equipment like these rackets, as well as, the old wooden persimmon golf clubs from my great grandfather.  Most of them are beautiful and I wouldn't want to change a thing about them!  But, some are just right for transformation!
First, I make sure the racket isn't too warped (it's okay if it is just slightly warped)  
Clean it up as well as you can - it might need some light sanding for those areas that might have taken a little frustrated abuse (say, hit the net a few times or, like my husband did, toss it into some trees)
Prime it.  Just because it has been held and tossed a bunch.  Keep in mind this sweet racket could have lots of sweat and tears that you don't want showing up later.  I primed this racket in our old company painting room.   It looks yucky but there is a huge ventilation draw and I can paint no matter the weather!
I like to add large cup hooks to the handle for necklace/bracelet storage.  Most rackets hold 5 easily but, you could add more or less.  I think 5 is a good number - it's not too crowded and not too sparse.
Then, I spray paint the racket with 2 coats of whatever color I want.  Follow that up with a few coats of poly sealer for a long life.   (Note: spray is best for this project)
And now you have a unique one of a kind piece for that tennis star in your life! Or, maybe keep it for yourself?

Thank you for being here!  



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