Monday, October 31, 2011

Duct Tape - You have come a Long Way!

Oh sweet old reliable Duct Tape.  You aren't just Silver anymore.  Your colors and patterns (and fans) are growing by leaps and bounds.  Yay for you!  We have used you from time to time around our house for utilitarian purposes. But you keep popping up on pinterest and blogs so I wanted to test your crafty side.  I want to share some projects I found on pinterest but, first,  I will start with some quick, simple, and very low cost attempts by moi.  In fact, I believe your middle name is "cheap".  Right?  That is the beauty of you.  Cheap, tough, and highly functional.  And always reliable  :) 
Here is what I started with
First up - a $1 candlestick from the Dollar Tree.  (I think we all have used these in many different projects - are they not great?  I mean, the DT sells out of them often)    Used my Michael's 40% coupon and bought this pink and black Zebra Duct tape.  Let's just see how far a roll can go!   
Cut the DT into strips and covered the candlestick

If you want to take it another step further, buy a $1 four inch wooden round plaque. (Found mine at Hobby Lobby)  I painted mine with Black gloss spray paint.  Then glue it to the candlestick and now you have a small stand for cupcakes, small displays, etc.  Whatever your heart desires.  And  yea.....ignore the ivy that is taking over my yard..
Then, I sprayed  a $1 tray (Dollar Tree again friends!) and added some strong magnets with the same black gloss  spray paint.  Covered the center with the Duct tape.  Voila!  A great place to display pictures, keep notes - whatever
Okay, still have tape left and I am eyeing my empty 3 pound can of Costco coffee.   Wrapped it in more DT and spray painted the lid with the black gloss. This is a big can and I'm not quite sure how I will use it.  But I will
Still tape left.  Wowza!   I just had to try it on a large empty yogurt container, like my random moss covered one.  Now, my sweet little fern has a zippy new home!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purple Purple Golf Ball Holder!

Well, I picked up this old grungy golf ball display case at Goodwill a while back.   And before you come to any conclusions, I am not a golfer.  If you ever see me swinging a club you need to head for cover ASAP!  But, three of my kids are, and it has paid their way through college.  I do love the sport and enjoyed walking courses following my kids for five to six hours a pop!   Anyway, on to the redo...
Here is the piece - I think it was 3 bucks - when I bought it at GW.
oh yea.  It's officially an EWWWW!   
The back was stapled on so it was easy to remove by gently tapping it from the front side.  Then, the fun part - ripping that old green moldy fabric off the board.    Stapled it back on and spray painted away with the Grape paint I used for my Halloween teacup planter  I'm really starting to love this  color...
Started adding some golf balls my kids have collected from other schools and some autographed ones.  And yep - that's my little pumpkin one.  Looks like he is having a big time with his new buddies!   But, wait - it's a little warped and I did not see this at all until this picture.  Grrr.  I'll fix it tomorrow.   Promise...
Isn't it so funny when you think you have something finished to find a big flaw?   Like you, my friends, sometimes we just have to roll with the punches.
Happy Halloween for all!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally in a Halloween mode!

I've been taking a little bit of a break here.  And trying to get back in the craft/blog groove.  Mainly, because I miss all my favorites out there!  So, here is my attempt at my first Halloween decoration!  And yes - for me to have something two weeks in advance is amazing!  Remember my Spring pillow I finished in time for summer?  That's how I usually roll - late.  But I do eventually get there.....
So here is my attempt at Halloween decoration....

It started with a teacup and saucer from Goodwill.  I first saw painted ones at Caroline's blog,  c.w.frosting.   She made beautiful candles with hers, but I am making a little Halloween planter with a leftover succulent from another project.    
I started with one of my favorite spray paints, Rustoleum 2x in Grape and Real Orange.  And no, Orange and Purple don't usually mix but I like them for Halloween! 
And here it is!  Grape painted cup and saucer and one Real Orange painted golf ball on a black golf tee.  I just tried this but it's not over yet.  The golf ball is actually for another project I hope to finish soon.  You do believe that, right?  It was a finished project until I discovered something was warped - no, not me, but ... well just wait and see.
Here it is getting sprayed Orange.  I put it on a bottle cap but could have used another golf tee.  Just because they are e v e r y w h e r e.  (The guy that fixed my dryer found a handful in it)
So, I sent the pumpkin golf ball off to it's next deal and very sloppily hand painted a ghost on my teacup.  Tossed some orange fish tank gravel on top (like the blue I used for my Fourth of July post) and I am done!   

Well...........not exactly.  I'm playing around with chalk and unsanded grout and paint and glaze and plaster of paris in an effort to find a great combination.  And I will - but I still love the basic Martha Stewart chalkboard paint recipe.   
And yes, you are officially Booed!
Pass it on!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Love Golden Puppies  If you love dogs you need to visit A Place to Love Dogs
Pinned Image
wait your turn precious
Pinned Image.
this cute puppy has to be related to my Jack
Pinned Image
just funny - hope it didn't really happen

and tossing in a few pictures that I love - and not of puppies
Pinned Image
this is adorable  Love the smiles

and I hear you cute cat!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs! You Span Generations!

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers the keynote address at the 2011 Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 6.
Thank you Steve Jobs for all the fun creative wonderful awesomeness   I like to think you will be with other amazing visionaries like Walt Disney   Imagine the possiblities..............and the apps :)   You will be missed but never forgotten.  Thank you for everything and your inspiration.  You have found a way to connect generations - like a grandmother and her Apple loving grandson!
Here is my 92 year old Mother fascinated with her Grandson's iPad.  How cool is that? 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall in pinterest land

It finally feels like Fall and I am loving the weather here in North Carolina this weekend!  I love love and truly love summer and it's very hard to let go of it.  But with the cooler temperatures I am finally feeling it!  So, I want to share some things I found on pinterest to help you all get in the Autumn mode.  Hope you enjoy!
Love these pumpkin lights on a misty night
babble  I love this diorama!

 (by Evelyn Arthur Richman)
Whimsical Raindrop Cottage  What a beautiful staircase - and what a great workout!
wicked pillow
Uh - yummm here.  Made with 2 bundt cakes
love the witch in a chimney

But really - all I need is some chocolate candy corn Autumn mix to make me happy!  Oh how I wish I didn't love this stuff but I do  It's my weakness along with Easter Robin Eggs  :) 
Here's hoping for a great week for all my favorite people !!!!!


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