Monday, December 27, 2010

Yum! Chocolate Velvet Cake

My daughter, over at Bakeholic at Birth, made this amazing cake for our first ever Christmas Eve family dinner with just our immediate family.   Found it at Southern Living!   Growing up, my family celebrated on Christmas Eve.   For years we have always celebrated with my 3 sisters, baby brother,  and their extended families until this year.  Our families have grown in so many different directions (in a good way) that it was becoming tough to "orchestrate".  So, we had our own this year, and it was wonderful and magical and just pure special.  My husband and sons brined and smoked the turkey (and cleaned a little) while my daughters were busy cooking.  Does it get any better (or easier) than that?   What a gift that was for me - I didn't have to do much at all!  Just enjoyed!  :)  Best Christmas Eve ever. EVER!
The dinner was delicious and this cake was the highlight of the night!   It was absolutely wonderful.    And even better the second day.    Check this recipe out - you won't be sorry.  When I see chocolate, butter, brown sugar, cream cheese and pecans in any recipe I go for it!  
Print this awesome recipe!
Here is the Frosting

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