Friday, January 7, 2011

Something for Mom

Okay - so I don't have a post yet, but... I'm thinking what I want to do next is something for my Mom (she's the small one in the middle  Can you believe she is 91?   FYI that's my beautiful mother in law on the right with Zoey   One amazing woman with one sweet puppy!   I am so always thankful for all my blessings  Moop is dealing with memory loss (maybe Alzheimer's but, the doctors are still deciding)  Anyway, we {my 3 sissies and one baby brother}had to make a tough decision and move her to a memory care facility and - how blessed we are for the one we found right here in our hometown!  A few tough days but she is doing very well there. They have been wonderful to our "queen mom"
She is an amazing painter just like my precious mother in law - started late in  life (her 60's) and BLOSSOMED!   We have tried for many years to get her back to her painting (because it's not only a great thing but it keeps her mind active)  So I'm very happy to know that she is engaged in her painting again

Well - back to my idea. She loves this worn out sweatshirt and she loves her ragdolls  so.... I am going to turn this comfy sweat into a  sweet doll she can hug and love    I'll keep you posted.
Making it soon - have all the stuff now - just need to find the time   PLUS I am using stuff I already have.  {I like to be green - since I was 17}  Yea it rhymes - Ha!  Anyway, her old sweatshirt,  the colorful pillowcase from my daughter's first dorm room, thread and embroidery thread and the stuffing from the old dorm pillow that is still good but not in any shape to be donated anywhere!   Hope she likes it  :)

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