Thursday, July 14, 2011

American Pickers and Pawn Stars ..

Any of you watching these shows on the History Channel?  Sort of a tough love Antique Roadshow   

All I can say tonight is that my youngest amazing talented 21 year old daughter CHOSE to watch American Pickers and Pawn Stars with me tonight  :)  How cool is that?


  1. LOL! That's an awesome bonding time with her :)

  2. I know what you mean about "exploding!" I am constantly AMAZED at how far I've come in almost two years yet how much more I have to learn! Yikes!!! Will there ever be enough hours in a day???
    I post a lot about what I've learned on Hide A Heart's blog HERE
    Would love you to stop by and see if what I've discovered might be of some use to you.

  3. I enjoy watching Pawn Stars, Amercan pickers, and Storage Wars. Storage Wars does have more drama but is also educational.


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