Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Having a Little Fun!

Well here I go AGAIN   and Thank you for being so kind and patient with my randomness.!  Sometimes we all need to let loose and just have some fun.  I do that every so often - just come up with random fun laughy stuff. 
 Last one was my Monopoly Money bucket that put smiles on lots of faces.  THAT makes me happy. 
Part of that random kick was making a moss covered piggy bank.  Don't know why I ever thought of it - but I did  It was on my mind and I couldn't stop until I tried.  You know that drill - at least if you are a stubborn Taurus that never gives up like me  :)  Part of being random is not knowing how in the world you ever thought of it but having fun with it anyway!
It all started here
What I used - a Piggy Bank bought at Marshall's on their clearance isle - $2 and a $2 bag of moss from Walmart  Then add some glue gun magic!
Wrapped wax paper around a piece of cardboard to put in the money slot so it doesn't get covered up with moss   Not a good thing for a Piggy Bank!
Drizzle that glue over a section then pat some moss over it.  I pretty much covered a 1 to 2 inch section at a time.  Work fast but be careful if it is a hot glue gun.  Not fun getting hot glue on your fingers.  Trust me.
Here's my baby!  So Cute  He is getting  a special place in my house
Here on top of our piano
Ready for some Monyay :)  Monopoly Money!
Next up really quick cheap redos!

Strawberry basket from my favorite farm.  Ya think I would be able to toss it?  Not!  Sprayed that baby with Valspar Mediterranean   Making something happen with it soon :)

It's sitting on top of 
the shutters I bought at Restore for $1 each) I'm  testing chalk paint vs. homemade chalkboard paint  (semi gloss latex with unsanded grout)  A work in progress but so far I like it.  Not as smooth and creamy as Annie Sloan but it covers well.   Let's see what happens  :)

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  1. Now that brings some whimsy of the outdoors to that piggy...

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice!

  2. That pig is cute. There is something very endearing about him.

    I am a slacker when it comes to actually following-through with ideas. But, I always have good intentions. :)

  3. The mossy piggy bank is such a fun idea! Thanks for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.


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