Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pillow Day!

Today was pillow day for me.  And it feels soooo good to finally start using some of the fabric I have been accumulating.   One of my favorites is this one with pink and green animal/reptile silhouettes. 
 It is similar to one I used on an old Lonestar chair that I bought at Restore for $5.00.  And, it was my first time using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!
   I love both these fabrics and think they would be adorable in a little girl's room.   The pattern design is something you would expect more in a boy's room and that is one reason I love it!   
Okay, so, back to my pillows.  I made two with the first fabric.  The 18" x 18" pillow back was made with painter's drop cloth and has a zipper in the back.  My 14" square pillow is an envelope pillow using the same fabric on the back.    They are different because I am experimenting a bit here.  (More to come)
Not the best picture - I will replace it soon....  And put on your shades for the next pillow.  I love this fabric - it is so happy cheerful!  (For some reason it looks a little "Dr. Seussish" to me - and that is all anything takes to catch my eye)  This 18" square pillow is another envelope one.   
 (FYI - the envelope pillow is my favorite to make.  Since I am NOT so great at tutorials, check out this site for instructions. Or, just Google it, as my kids say!)  More pillows and lovely fabrics coming soon......

until next time!

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