Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painted Crosses

Michaels has $1 wooden crosses.  Pictured here see the way it comes au naturel, two that I spray painted several colors on - yellow and lavender - to give them a distressed look and one that I glued Sea Glass all over! Simpleness…  { Not the best job but I did it quick!}  I bet you know how to distress but if you don’t please email me or Google it!  There are amazing tutorials out there   I tried the sea glass after a good friend gave one to my daughter for Graduation.  Her mother made them for her church fundraiser.  I tried it in blue shown here far right.  .
I give these to the wonderful people in my life that need blessings and are going through rough patches in their lives.  They would be lovely with some inspirational words painted, stamped or even Sharpied! 

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