Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Pink Story

My Pink Story 
{Color of the Year}

I grew up in an amazing family of 5 kids - 4 gals and one baby brother that got picked on and loved by us 4 gals.  
And yep - poor guy.  He was loved and tortured by us all!   
Cutest brother ever {don’t tell him I said that!}  Really cute and oh so special especially when he had his cape on!   {Heehee – he knows what I’m talking ‘bout!}  
Anyhow - my only problem was the color pink.  Back in the 60s days when I was a kid - brown eyed kid  {Yes - I'm sorta old but not really old yet} my younger sis and I usually got the same gifts except for the fact she always got the blue one and I got the stinking pink one.  It was all because she had these beautiful blue eyes and angel blond hair.  I had the brown eyes and the mousy brown hair that I have been dying ever since the 6th grade.  Don’t get me wrong – my sis is awesome!  But I liked blue and wanted the blue bathrobe, the blue fuzzy bedslippers, the blue diary, the blue ANYTHING.  Well - I sort of had a chip on my shoulder when it came to getting pink vs blue.  And one Christmas I actually switched the tags on our gifts because I was determined to get whatever it was in Blue!  Ha!  I got the blue ornate piggy bank……Still have it!  But – oh to my surprise, in a Grinchlike moment many years ago I finally discovered I really don't look good in blue!!!!!!!!!!!  Truly  and really - not my color at all.  I still love the color but love my pink!  And since Pink is COLOR OF THE YEAR    Heck Yea!   Life is sweeeet!

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