Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New (Trouble with Trouble) drop cloth pillow!

Finally finished my newest pillow with one of my favorite quotes!   

This pillow is made of drop cloth that I pre-washed   Then created a mirror print on our laser printer at the office.  (You can do this by going to Advanced Properties with most laser printers.)   I do have one stubborn one at the office that won't let me do this.  Grrrr  If your printer doesn't let you mirror the image there are a few other options.  Let me know - I would love to help if I can.

Taped it to the center of pillow and dabbed some Citra Solv with a cotton ball.  If you don't already know the drill check out this tutorial from Lil Boo Blue.  Or Google for many more :)  It's a great technique but, I found that putting the Citra Solv (CS) on the print in a small area, rubbing hard with the back and side of the spoon, check to see if it worked then, move to the next few words rubbing lightly with the CitraSolv cotton ball as you go worked best for me.  It gives the print a nice worn look.  

And, you know it is so true..........trouble does start out as fun :)

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