Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well, as you know I love some Anthropology creativeness.  A few months ago, I was enjoying a look/see in our local Anthropologie store.  Their creations never cease to WOW!    And yes, please, I want one of e.v.e.r.t.h.i.n.g!   But... as much as I love their dreamy products, I have so much fun checking out their window fronts and other displays.   I will go so far to say that in my next life, that is my dream job! 
I was inspired by their fabric cactus.  Here is my small effort!
After washing my dropcloth I watered down some Leaf Green Acrylic and painted it.  Added a few other green paints with dry brush to give it a little more depth.
Made a pattern out of an old cereal box.  Folded the fabric over (painted sides facing) and traced the pattern with chalk.  Cut it out - ending up with 2 pieces.

stitched them together with right sides facing out.  Sort of the opposite of what you would normally do.......
a little gesso on some peat pots.  (Any of you that have followed this far - well thanks for being here!  You are so special and I hope you will leave a comment so I can follow you too - if I'm not already following you!)
Okay - back to the next step.......I've had this project stuck in my head ever since I saw the fabric cacti all over our Anthropologie store.  How to put this all together?  I decided to reuse paper grocery bags.  Cut it into strips, crush them up and use them to support my fabric cactus. 
Cute - but I also tried topping it off with some pebble stones leftover from another project
Love it either way!   
Thanks so much for being here!!

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