Monday, February 4, 2013

Peat Pots and Gesso Love - To the Moon & Back!

Short and simple post here.  Take some 5" peat pots.  They are popping up everywhere in anticipation of Spring!  I used Jiffy Pots for this project.  These came in a pack of six
   Paint one layer of Gesso over the pot.  Let dry.
Design your text (I used Microsoft 2010)   Use different fonts and sizes to make your quote interesting.  Or make it all the same - it is all up to you and what you want and love!
Then, print it on regular copy paper but, be sure to make it a mirror image.  Most printers have that option in the advanced settings for printing.  For my printer, I go to advanced settings and where it has the option for mirrored image, I choose ON.

Print image.
I then cut out each line just because I didn't want the large space my printer used between each line.
I started with the top line - added a liberal layer of Gesso to pot 

and thin layer to printed side of text. 

Applied  the text where I wanted and rubbed it a few times to stick to pot.  This is where it is a little touch and go and you really should test this on something first.  I tested this on a peat pot that had a tear in the back side.
I found that using the back of a spoon to burnish for a bit was good.  But it didn't stop there.  It actually seemed that the transfer started to really happen once the paper was a little more moist from soaking up the Gesso. I burnished with the spoon then carefully used the edge of the spoon to rub more.   Once the image looks darker it means it is starting to transfer.

 At this point,  you can gently peel back the paper to see if it is starting to transfer.  I had no problem laying the paper back down if it needed more help to transfer.  You can work with this as much as you want as long as it doesn't start drying on your peat pot.  And REMEMBER - this is NOT going to be a PERFECT transfer.  It is going to look distressed, antiqued, shabby, or whatever you like to call it.  But, it will have lots of charm that you can't buy in a store!  If needed, if really needed, you can touch this up with a fabric paint pen or Sharpie pen.
Once you have your text on the pot, paint the rest of it with Gesso, if you want, to keep it more consistent with 2 layers all over. 


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