Monday, January 3, 2011

Love some Chalkboard paint!

 One of my first chalkboard paint projects!

A little over a year ago I tried my hand at making my own chalkboard paint.  I found the recipe at  Martha Stewart   Why is it that some new ideas just send your head spinning?    Seriously,  what you can do with this is wide open and nothing was safe in MY house.  Ha!  Guess by now you know I love love love this stuff  {you can print it here}   Still thinking and dreaming about what I can do with this!  
Ok - I  tried both versions - the ready made and the recipe from Martha.    Hands down, making my own with this recipe was so much better.  Here is a picture of the grout with paint from a later project
More versatile and the color and texture were so superior to the ready made canned chalkboard paint.  Well, I buy flat latex paint in beautiful colors {Yea we have choices} !at any local home improvement  store ! {Lowe's, Home Depot}  in whatever color you desire for the moment....   Love pretty colors  :)   
If you want to make a smaller batch using one of the small paint bottles from the craft store try this.
FYI  Valentine's is just around the corner........

Fun parties!


  1. Cute frames! Martha truly is the queen, isn't she??

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Your header is just darling!


  2. I keep seeing all the cute chalkpaint projects, but it's so expensive. I didn't know you could make your own. Thanks for sharing and for linking to my party.

  3. @laxsupermom
    Making your own is easy. Only expensive thing was the huge box of unsanded grout. ($11 maybe?) I think mine will last a lifetime!


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