Friday, March 25, 2011

Pardon My Randomness!

Spray Painted Beer Box Totes

I love you all!  Anybody willing and able to follow my randomness!  Like I said - love yall!
Okay – I’m throwing another random post project out there.  I know you understand how it goes -  when you see something that you can use/reuse then why not?  Even the tiniest thing?   Well my family thinks I am a hoarder - I'm just trying to gently re-purpose stuff!   But, after you see my project  you will probably LOL, roll your eyes and think YEP she is!  She SO is!     Well - I probably am might be a hoarder who is way too sentimental about stuff.   Anyway – enough with this.  On to the newest random craft.  {cause there are many more posts my friends - hang tight!}  On a positive note I did just take 5 bags to Goodwill last week   Big step for me!  Totally cleared out one corner of my room. :)
On to the Random Post::

You know I love Costco.  So a friend told my husband about their Kirkland Beer sampler.  Said it was good stuff  and made right here in the USA.  SCORE!   Somewhere in Utica NY.   Well,  I’m not a beer drinker  but we did  buy a box of 24 that had four separate totes of six different varieties  {mathematically that means 24 bottles}  And the box itself was so sturdy.  That’s what caught MY attention as I was getting ready to put it in the recycling can.  It looked like something that I could really store hoard lots of stuff.  I'm really trying here.
So, I painted several coats on that sturdy box - because I'm looking for cheap ways seriously need to organize my stuff!  Left it outside to dry.  Went to sleep, woke up to a downpour.  RIP big beer box.  :(    So,  the box was done.  But the four plain white totes with no logos, etc on it were safe.inside the house.
Here is how I started.  I painted the box on the left with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze.  On the right is the box as it comes - all white!  But I know you can paint any beer or soda box.  That's because I have used cereal boxes for chalkboard tags  

Here are the spray paints I used.  The Blue Ocean Breeze along with Bright Idea {one of my favorite yellows} and Brilliant Silver.  I loved the silver but that little rascal was impossible to photo!  So I dropped him along the way.
Here they are all lined up looking like they are ready to DANCE!  Cha Cha Cha!  Pardon my old shower curtain that I use to paint things beside the driveway.  As you can see,  it is well used.  I like to think I am channeling Jackson Pollock here.  You will see it often in my paint projects :) And yea - I love Jackson Pollock!  Amazing artist!
They will play a big part in my hoping {trying} to organize my stuff.  Or maybe use them for packaging gifts?  Just don’t know how yet and still thinking this one through.   Any suggestions? 
They will most likely end up on a shelf – adorned with ribbons, bows, rosettes, burlap, polka dots, Sharpie mad art, felt flowers, and so on and so on………At least that is what could happen.

Now - today I took it a little farther.  Used some paint chips to cut out thingys to help embellish these guys.   As I mentioned,  the little silver guy is out for now.    Not to worry.  He'll be back one day.
Testing some options
And using Sharpies as we go along 
 This is where we stand now.    

 Just a few ideas for uses.  Storing supplies, serving water at a party, or use as a package for thank you gifts.   I'm using one now for my next project and storing the "magic ingredients" in it.  Yea - this is a pretty simple thing but it was fun to do.  Need to keep my mind active and this sort of stuff helps!  
Oh......Did I mention these guys can be flattened out?  Great for storage and traveling!
Have a great weekend!   And thanks so much for being here!  You are PRICELESS!

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  1. How great! I love this - anything I can spray paint I'm a fan of! :)

    henry  happened

  2. Cute!! Love how it came out! I am a new follower and visiting from Momnivore's Dilemma! Hope you have a fabulous day!


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