Monday, May 16, 2011

Been a looong month - I'm feeling a random kick coming

It's been busy/crazy here lately.   April/May is full of birthdays  MIL, me and Jace (oldest son) Then Mother's Day. And moving day for Jace.  Sooo  I am sorta heading into my random mode.  Bigtime!  I do that when I just need to let go and LAUGH! Do something fun and silly!   So here is a peek into my randomness this weekHang tight!  My boring yada yada random projects coming soon

 And yes - Don't know why I even thought about a moss piggy bank.  
But I did


  1. This is so cute! Love all your creative works. Follow you from Malaysia. Love, PC

  2. A moss piggy bank! I love it! Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting..cause it led me to yours!! So much cute stuff here!


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