Thursday, December 30, 2010

Better Half of the Ceiling Tile a la Burlap Board!!

Okay - I have some adrenalin going tonight.  And so excited to report that I have actually finished another one of my many, many  projects.  My kids will be proud - Ha!  They roll their eyes every time they like something and I tell them I CAN MAKE THAT.  And that gives me even more ideas for posts.  But, seriously, I have a problem with too many  ideas and not enough time.   Bet you know what I'm talking about.....
Here we go!   What I did with the other half of the acoustic ceiling tile that became my Christmas Card display!
And here is the road we took to get to this board!
Like the other board, I measured the burlap an inch (or 3/4") larger than the actual board itself.
Then cut the burlap 

As I mentioned before in my earlier post Red Burlap Bulletin Board 
I like to paint the white tiles a color similar to the color of the burlap (because it has such an open weave and I don't like all that white showing-just a personal preference).  And anytime I can use one of my fav Krylon colors, Caramel Latte, I use it!  What is it about colors that make such a difference in our lives?
Anyway - back to the board!   I folded over the edges just like the red one, but with a different twist.  Instead of staples I used upholstery tacks.  As you can see in the picture I tried to place them every 2 inches.  Not the neatest job, but hey - it is my first attempt!  I do really like the studs with the burlap.  Actually LOVE this combo!
The corners are a bit tricky but if you trim the edge at an angle and treat it like you do gift wrapping a package you can make it happen
Then add some of the same flower tacks used before - wonderful!  Cool note-you can switch this and any other board up with different tacks!  

Check out this fun party going on now through April 30th!

The DIY Show Off

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