Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Gingerbread Woman
Lori's version
Somehow, as I stumbled from one blog to another and so on and so on, I ran into Culinary Covers.  What a treat!   It's a fun blog dedicated to testing the recipes various publications have on their front covers.   I wish I had thought of that!   What is so interesting about this blog is how it's author, Lori Lange, actually makes the recipe from the feature item of publications ranging from magazines to cookbooks.  Most all of these are well known, from Food Network magazine, Cooking Light,  Vegetarian Times, California Sol Food, David Leibovitz with some Martha Stewart sprinkled into the mix. and many more! (Just to name a few)  I like the variety, but most of all,  I love love and love! her comments.  She gives an introduction for the recipe - maybe even a little history and lots photos of her version that she has made.  Then she has her "notes" about the creation.  And finally, Lori lets you know if it deserved the coveted front cover   Pure genius!  I really enjoyed this blog and went through every single yummy post!   
Once you check this out you need to visit her other blog,  Recipe Girl   It's a true treasure trove of 2,500 recipes.  Seriously good stuff!   I know you will have fun with this blog!
Thank you Lori!
Ready for DessertBanana Cake with Mocha Frosting



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