Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Party Tomorrow Night!

Okay - Our family will be going to one of our most favorite neighbor's home tomorrow night for a little Christmas "get together".   They always have the BEST parties ever!  And it's a family thing!  Our job is to bring an appetizer and I plan on bringing two!  Because appetizers are my favorite thing next to chocolate :)   No joke - I must have been a little bird in another life because I can't think of anything more wonderful than eating little bites ALL DAY LONG!  
Well on to the task at hand!  Here's the dilemma - we (my daughters and I) are NOT agreeing on which two dips to take.  Trying to choose between Beer Cheese Dip (Hubby's favorite minus the cheese and dip), Guacamole,  Buffalo Chicken Dip (Ummmm... my favorite, but what do I know?) and Ile de France Goat cheese with Roasted Red Pepper Jelly a la Costco!  I so heart you Costco!
Beer Dip Recipe
Here are the recipes:
Beer Cheese Dip from Taste of Home

Buffalo Chicken Dip also from Taste of Home  
Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Guacamole from Allrecipes  

Recetas de Cocina Mexicana (Guacamole)

Or simply serve Goat cheese and Spicy Red Pepper Jelly  (Both at Costco baby!) over crackers.  That's one tough app to beat  

(sorry I don't have an image for the Roasted Red Pepper Jelly but it's another amazing treat at Costco)   

Well - with very little time, four kids, a house that's been neglected for a month, a tree half decorated, keeping a family business going, and last but not least a wonderful 10 month old "puppy" that's eaten a lot of our things like furniture and socks and did I mention one of my daughter's UGGs?   Yep  That was not a good thing.  I'll have more to say about Jack later.  If he weren't so darn cute..... Here he is trying to help me along with my knitting   Gotta love him.  (You can see what's left of the chair rung on the right)  

Check out these recipes and if any of you have a recommendation before tomorrow afternoon - please let me know.  Otherwise I will let you know what we choose and if it is a success or a dud!

Happy night to all - Hey did I see a full moon tonight?  

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