Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I love cheese.  And a grilled cheese sandwich with some good soup or chili is a dream come true.  If you feel the same love then my dear friends do I have a site for you!  

Okay - raise your hand if you LOVE Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!   This is one of those sites that makes me wonder - why didn't I think of this?  Well, it would require me to think outside MY box... It happens occasionally but not nearly enough.  So if you haven't already heard of this site, I hope you enjoy it!  

Above is The Flat Iron.  Made lovingly with Brie

Meet Bianca - full of Mascarpone  

 The Francesca - full of Mozzarella.  Good Stuff

And Buffalo Bill! - Wild Man with Wisconsin Blue and Monterey Jack

Find these and more creations at - where other than the Grilled Cheese Academy?
Check out their amazing academy recipes!  
And also check out  Wisconsin Cheese 
And yea - just looking at these pix means I have to run a few extra miles tomorrow. :)  


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