Monday, January 10, 2011

White Chicken Chili and Can Redo cHECK iT oUT!!!

As the snow began to fall here in central North Carolina today, my thought for dinner was CHILI!  A real favorite around the house, and we have tried numerous versions!  But one from our NC magazine, Our State,  that I spotted on their Facebook page today really got me going!  It's  from the 100 year anniversary recipe book from a Baptist church in Eastern North Carolina.  We made this White Chicken Chili tonight.  Awesome!  Seriously!!!

White Chili

Only change - we used a roasted chicken from, where else but COSTCO!  Makes my life easier!  And added White American cheese quesadillas for the side.  Perfect dish for a snowy night.  In my house, if everyone likes dinner, it's a HUGE hit!  We'll be making this baby again.  Try it - you will be oh so happy you did.
But wait - that's not all!  While the chili was simmering I washed one of the cans and just see what I did with it here.  Ha!

I had a big time late afternoon craft buzz going and this was so quick and easy.  Until the next one.....

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