Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something for Mom - Her new Ragdoll

Well, I finally got around to making a ragdoll for my Mom from her tattered and much beloved old sweatshirt.  This is made from all recycled  or, as I like to say re-purposed, items I already have.just laying around waiting for some action!   I even had supplies leftover to make her a pillow with her name. Moop on it.   That project is coming soon!  Ha!

That's my sweet 91 year old Mom in the middle and my wonderful Mother in law on the right.  I am so blessed!  My siblings and I just moved Mom to a memory care facility {and she is doing very well there }   When we moved her, I just couldn't throw out her favorite sweatshirt .  So I decided to make it into a ragdoll.
What I used:
My Mom’s old favorite worn out sweatshirt
Leftover felt scraps, yarn, and embroidery thread from previous projects
Old bed pillow's stuffing  {it had lost it’s shape and was not nice enough for
   donating anywhere!}
Old pillowcase from my daughter's freshman dorm room
And leftover poster board to make my pattern

I had lots of ideas in my head of how I wanted the doll to look.  And, I knew what Mom liked in her ragdolls.  Tough decision but I had to pick one and go with it!  I knew I wanted to make it simple.
I drew a pattern on the poster board, cut it out, then traced it onto the inside of her sweatshirt.  {I had turned the sweatshirt inside out and pinned it so that I could cut both pieces at the same time}  Okay - Time to get it done!

Ironed on fabric fusion to the back of blue felt (eyes) and pink felt (lips) 
Simply cut out dime sized dots from the blue felt for the eyes.  My Mom has the prettiest blue eyes!   Then, I drew a lip design on the pink felt and cut it out.  Ironed those babies on the doll face.  Simple as that!  I did decide to handstitch around eyes and mouth just in case.
 Wrapped the pink yarn 30 times around a large Nutella jar -  It was the closest thing at hand.- and cut each end to create the stringy hair.  I placed the  yarn around the head where I wanted the hair to be, then taped ends {so they would not get in my way when I sewed the pieces.}

Here she is all sewn up and stuffed!
And here is my 91 year old Mom hugging and showing off her baby to her friends  She loved it.  I'm so glad  {We tell Mom she is 89 - Sorta like the new 29 }  Like all of us - whatever rocks your boat

Note-I gave this baby Mom calls Katie, a little crooked smile just because I know that's what she loves.  Things not perfect    One Happy Ending here!

 Another FYI  She has collected so many amazing things from tractor seats to Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls {last count was over 100}  Go Moop!

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  1. This is such and endearing post! I so enjoyed reading and watching the 'new' rag doll come to life!!


  2. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Something to cuddle....what a sweet way to brighten your mother's day. Unfortunatly, we can't change the circumstances, only make the best of them.

  4. How sweet of you to do for your Mom..she is will treasure it. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.


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