Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dollar Tree Planter Redo!

Ok - I was wandering around the Dollar Tree looking for V Day stuff for my family. {found a few things}  and like all you guys I'm always keeping an eye out for something new I could TRANSFORM!   Plus, I am so totally ready for SPRING!!!!   It's coming!   Well, I was limited on time and this little planter caught my eye.  Here it is with what I intended to use.  But life takes lots of detours!  

My youngest child’s tie dyed t-shirt that all the kids in her class made and had to wear on a huge field trip so the teachers could keep a closer eye on those rascals.  Sprayed the planter with Valspar Exotic Sea Gloss.

Cut the shirt into strips, stretched them out to make loops {shown in picture}  tied them around the planter at the top and pinned the rustic star pin where the loops came together.  Well – I really really did NOT like this and will not offend you with a picture.  And good thing I didn't like it because my monster jaw {precious} puppy chewed it up!  I was so relieved to find the star pin - and to know he did't eat it!  He is another story for another day...

Anyway, getting late, and ready to be finished, I grabbed a can of my Krylon Fusion Blue Hyacinth and sprayed that sweetie again!   Used a strip of scrap burlap around the top to make a simple bow.  I added a red star button just because I felt like it but I just might like it better plain.  Put what’s left of my shamrock into this and I’m done! 


Another really tiny project.  It’s okay (I’ll keep it) but maybe it will trigger some new great idea for YOU!   Thanks for checking this out!

FYI  This is my personal assistant Jack.  Left my knitting for a second and he decided he wanted to help!  Good thing he's sweet......

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