Saturday, February 12, 2011

Twirly Girly Ring

This is something I made for my youngest daughter {I actually made this one morning while my coffee was brewing!  Ha!}  

I gave it to my baby girl {Ok - she is 21 now but will never escape being MY baby girl}  She actually liked it {{faint}} and her friends did too!  {{faint again}} That really makes my day when the kids WANT me to make them something.  A true rare occasion!
Start with any stringing wire, any color.  I used 12 gauge aluminum for this.  {Cause it’s what I had }  Sorry, but I didn’t measure the length of the piece I made.  Guessing it's cause I just woke up and was waiting for my coffee?
I started out wrapping 2 times around my finger.  Using my pliers I bent the end I started with at an angle so that I could hook it together where I wanted to start.  Then I simply kept twirling around until I reached the size wire rosette I wanted.  Then cut it, tucked the end under and up into the twirl to keep it smooth to the touch!  DONE!

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