Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four Quick and Easy Projects

Okay guys – As I have confessed before, I’m not good at cutting back or packing light so, a few days ago, I actually challenged myself.  Yea, I challenged ME to come up with 4 quick, easy, cheap, and SHORT – Yep I said short! useful projects.  Scary stuff for me  .But I believe I can do it! I think I can I think I can!  Though not big in scope I hope these tiny ones bring smiles to your faces.  After all, that’s what it’s all about – spreading Happiness!!!!!   I'll be honest - I did sorta have a posting block for a few days.  Now I'm ready!

First off  - tuna can organizer!

Clean and clean the tuna cans.  Get rid of tuna smell.  We don’t eat a lot of tuna but these cans cut well with smooth edges so you don’t have to worry about nasty cuts!  Measure the depth of your can - usually little over an inch- and cut a strip long enough to cover that precious thing!

You could let your kids doodle all over paper and embellish to their hearts content!  Or, pull out your favorite color Sharpie to embellish and/or randomly enjoy being a child again!  I used a deep pink Sharpie on dotted aqua paper I found in the dollar aisle of Target.  Just glued it on, then arranged the cans how I wanted them.  Glued those rascals to each other and – DONE!  You could glaze or Mod Podge over if you like. 

Next! One of my favorites and easiest! 

 Michaels has $1 wooden crosses.  Pictured here see the way it comes au naturel, two that I spray painted several colors on - yellow and lavender - to give them a distressed look and one that I glued Sea Glass all over! Simpleness…  { Not the best job but I did it quick!}  I bet you know how to distress but if you don’t please email me or Google it!  There are amazing tutorials out there   I tried the sea glass after a good friend gave one to my daughter for Graduation.  Her mother made them for her church fundraiser.  I tried it in blue shown here far right.  .
I give these to the wonderful people in my life that need blessings and are going through rough patches in their lives.  They would be lovely with some inspirational words painted, stamped or even Sharpied!  

Next is something I made for my youngest daughter {I actually made this one morning while my coffee was brewing!  Ha!}   

I gave it to my baby girl {Ok - she is 21 now but will never escape being MY baby girl}  She actually liked it {{faint}} and her friends did too!  {{faint again}} That really makes my day when the kids WANT me to make them something.  A true rare occasion!
Start with any stringing wire, any color.  I used 12 gauge aluminum for this.  {Cause it’s what I had }  Sorry, but I didn’t measure the length of the piece I made.  Guessing it's cause I just woke up and was waiting for my coffee?
I started out wrapping 2 times around my finger.  Using my pliers I bent the end I started with at an angle so that I could hook it together where I wanted to start.  Then I simply kept twirling around until I reached the size wire rosette I wanted.  Then cut it, tucked the end under and up into the twirl to keep it smooth to the touch!  DONE!

Easy thing #4!  Here we go people

I love creating things with Chalkboard paint!  Like I told you all before, I really prefer to pick out good satin latex colors and mix it with unsanded tile grout.  I just think it gives you choices  for prettier colors. The proportions I use are 1/ 2 cup paint to 1 Tablespoon grout.   However, I had some premade purple chalkboard paint leftover   {Not my favorite but I didn’t want to toss it!  Not a good thing to do. }  I just used it.  Not bad.   And since we all love to repurpose stuff, I used cereal boxes for these tags.   Cut out hearts, painted about 3 coats on them.  {They will buckle up and try a yoga pose as you can see in this picture, but not to worry!  Once they dry they flatten back out.  Sweet! }
When dry, rub a piece of chalk – on its side – all over your cute heart tag and rub it off.  I did this twice.  Then write on it, punch a hole in it, slap some twine or ribbon on it and you are done!  And as for anything - the sky and your imagination are your only limits!  Reach for the stars   Always!

And guess what dear friends.  Hehe..... I hope you aren’t tired of these mini quick projects because I have 2 more to share!  I told you I had a hard time cutting back!  Simple dollar deals that would be great to do with your kids. 
Always dreaming...............


  1. I've got a bunch of pineapple cans sitting around waiting for a project like this. Cute idea!

  2. These ideas are super. But for my diy skill level... I think I will start with the cans first...


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