Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Sweet Sunshine Clock

Have you ever been somewhere, anywhere, just kind of browsing – like I was in Goodwill this week   And, something catches your eye?  You look at it, pick it up, think about it, look at the price, turn it around, look at the price again, and think “maybe?”  Put it back on the shelf, walk to the next aisle and a few more – but go back and look at it again?  Is there some sort of magnetic pull some of even the tiniest items have for us?  This little $2 Elgin wooden battery operated clock {with no battery} just made me want to pick it up again.   So I did and carried it around with me just in case {and to keep anyone else from snagging it}  I brought this cutie home.  Didn’t know if it would work or not but just needed   wanted this cute thing. {And I was only out a Grand Total of $2.00 if it didn’t work – a chance I could afford for now….}  Well, I put a battery in it (not correctly) and it didn’t work.  I thought, ok, I can still do something here.  But, not one to give up, I tried the battery again and it worked!  That cute little second hand started moving.. {Sweeeet}  I just love my new $2 tiny clock.  Sometimes   Almost always the tiniest things bring us the most joy!   And more joy to come when I paint, paper, Mod Podge, or whatever to make it the cutest little clock ever!   I think I will call it my Sunshine Clock. 
And this is how it went down………

Started with this stuff but ended up only using my favorite Krylon Yellow spray paint - Bright Idea Gloss, and the letters cut out of magazines.  (I did use flat white Krylon spray as a primer since I couldn't find my primer.  It's around here somewhere....)

Once finished painting I put a layer of Mod Podge Gloss and pasted the letters to my Sunshine Clock. Covered it with Mod Podge for 3 more layers.
Sorry - the colors and photos are inconsistent.  I'm working on that! This $2 item that pulled me in had a message for me and this is what I heard….

This is my new little sweetie that I just had to  buy and don't know why - and she is giving back!  We all need to make more time for ourselves.  Hope you will!  What a cute reminder.

{Afterthought - the little Princess hair comb Tiara was 25 cents at Party City.  I'm using one on another cheap quicko project coming soon!)

Linking to these wonderful parties

Now that I finally figured out how to link to the parties and put their link to my POST  and NOT just my blog, which is a PERMANENT post on my side bar  Here they are in no particular  order:

Thank you Party hosts and thanks for being patient with newbies!  Sometimes we don't know what we are doing but we are trying!  

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  1. LOVE this! Love the "ransom note" style lettering! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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