Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party Links! Help us new bloggers understand

Well, duh, I just realized that when you link to a party and need to post their button, or re-link to them, you need to figure out how to place it on your POST, not your blog sidebar.  I have been putting their links and buttons on my  {PERMANENT}  sidebar   (Well - actually,   wouldn't a permanent link on your blog sidebar be a better way to go - after all, it is ALWAYS there for EACH and EVERY post!}  So much easier for new bloggers to understand.  But I hope the blog hosting parties will  help the us new guys learn how to do this.  {because we need -at least I need all the help we  I can get!}  Just betting you will get a lot more links that you SO rightfully deserve   You are AMAZING  and so unbelievably kind to host these parties for all of us  Thank you!  Just make sure it's clear how to link for us   I am starting to do this now, but probably still doing it so totally wrong.   Continuing to learn..... and usually wrong...HA!

And hope to have a new post of a few projects tomorrow!  Night to all

Now that I finally figured out how to link to the parties and put their link to my POST  and NOT just my blog, here they are in no particular  order:

I'm so sorry that I didn't do this right and am extremely  thankful for your patience.  Thank you - you are the best! 
  Please be patient with new bloggers - they are your biggest fans but just may not know what they are doing.  

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