Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jack - my sweet Destructive Puppy

Jack update.  As long as I keep him supplied with fresh tennis balls he is good.    He is finally (at 1 - 1/2 years not chewing everything in site.)  
Jack- the sweetest most destructive pet in my life
and oh how I love him :)
Throughout my life I have always had dog{s}  Love them each and every one. But never ever have I ever had a dog like this one. My precious pup can't stand not having something in his mouth (it's the retriever in him) and he is always ready to CHEW!   He has chewed through chair rungs (just look to the right ) , molding, and his last deal was chewing up my Dollar Tree reading glasses.  Thankfully, he doesn't EAT things - he just DESTROYS them.   I have to be so careful to keep everything but his chew toys and tennis balls out of his reach!  It's like having a toddler again.  But I don't mind because he is also one of the sweetest pets I have ever had. 
Here is helping me with my knitting   
Seriously, I left the den for a minute and he snagged  what I had just started knitting.  Caught him red handed!  Look at that face he's thinking - "wuh oh busted!  And I was just starting to have a little fun with this knitting stuff."
Here he is saying sorry.  I didn't mean to pull the numbers off Dad's Blackberry. Luckily we found them.  Still had to get a new phone.
And here he is sleeping by my feet while I work on my blog.  

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  1. What a little stinker...he is so cute though. Thanks for joining the pet party...please add my link to your post.

  2. love the pet party! Such adorable cutie pies! Hope I added the link correctly

  3. I have a very destructive golden too! He's a wild child, and at least he is calming down a bit! They actually do get smarter and a bit calmer the older they get! At least we can hope lol

  4. Maybe he will grow out of it? Anyhoo he is darling. ♥olive

  5. Oh, what a cutie. So funny -- Even after you caught him red handed, he keeps on chewing. Ornery, little guy. :-)

    I had a lab who ate anything and everything. I had to be careful leaving yarn or rope out because these items can wrap around his intestines and besides causing the pup to suffer, it would cause me monetary suffering because the vet would need to operate to remove items.



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